About The Neighborhood Thieves:
"We set out to create a brand that was not just one dimensional. The play on words and narratives of certain street brands inspire us. There is always a level of interpretation that spoke to each of us in a unique way. There is a similar experience we get from the look and feel of vintag garments…these stories go beyond just the thread and fiber. The vintage fabrics became the perfect canvas for us juxtapose our modern narrative."

We believe every garment should tell a story; whether its hand crafted in the USA, classic bold imagery, hand chain-stitched lettering, to the shirts made from dead stock heritage fabrics with subtle messages embroidered into the collar.There is a thief in everyone; necessity, desperation, opportunity, love, stolen moments; we are bombarded by it all and its what provokes the inevitable. As we walk through life these things cling to who we are and what we become, “The Neighborhood Thieves”